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Friday, 30 April 2010

•• You've Been Punked !! ••

You've been punked !

All supplies included were made by myself please don't claim as your own or change any file names or pass on through any groups.
If you'd like to use any of my supplies for tut making please contact me before doing so.
I am using the fantastic artwork of Mr Keith Garvey, If you'd like to use his art you need to purchase a license from Here
Don't use his art unless you have a license.
What you will need:
Filter : Mu'Ras Meister : Copies.
Fonts: I used ,Century Gothic & Sex Pistols.
My Supplies: Here
My supplies include :
Belt & Chain Tubes.
Ok on with the Tutorial .
1, Open up a new blank canvas 600x400, we can re size later. Flood fill white , open up the belt & chain tube.
copy & paste the belt on to your canvas, grab your selection tool :Rectangle ,draw round the buckle part & then hit delete.
[see tag for reference]
Add a subtle drop shadow, Duplicate , Image Flip .Duplicate again, image rotate left 90,duplicate image mirror, cut off excess with selection tool.
X Out background layer & merge visible, Click on background layer & add a new raster layer ,grab your magic wand & click inside the belt square,
flood fill with a colour from your tube, selections, select none.
Now choose your font, I used Century Gothic size 10,Fill Black, vector checked.
Right out " You've been punked"
Objects ,align centre in canvas, convert to raster layer.
2, Click in the belted square with your magic wand, then go to effects/Mu'Ras Miester/Copies:
selections/select none. Duplicate 2x's & place into position.
[check finished tag for reference]
x' all layers except the text layers & merge visible.
Lower the opacity between 50 -55.,then x out background layer & merge visible.
3, Making sure you're on the top layer add the chains re size .Add a subtle drop shadow.
[check tag for reference]
Open up a new blank 500x500 canvas & flood fill with black.
Add mask "Punk is Dead"
Merge group.
Resize if needed , copy & paste on to your canvas and move above your background layer.
Rotate Right 45.
Grab your text tool using the same font as before I used century gothic size 48 or which you feels looks best.
Fill Black, Vector checked Write You've Been Punked !, centre in the middle of your belt square.
Add a subtle drop shadow.
Add your name I used the font Sex Pistols , Fill #CD0618 or a colour of your choice & rotate same settings as above.
I used Eye Candy 4000 -Gradient Glow or you can just use a thick shadow.
Add your tube, add a nice thick drop shadow.
Ok now you can either leave as it is Add © info & your watermark, or carry on to the Animation.
4, Open up Animation Shop.
Go back into psp
Go to Edit /Copy Merged. Go back into Animation shop & paste as NEW ANIMATION.
Head on over back to psp & X out the YOU'VE BEEN PUNKED text, then Edit copy merge.
Back into Ani shop & paste after current frame.
Stay in Animation shop & click on your 1st Animation Frame , then click on your 2nd frame & paste after current frame.
You should now have 3 frames .
Click on the animation button & if your happy with the frame animation save !
This tutorials was created by Rachel on the 12th January 2007
Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental & unintentional.

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