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Thursday, 29 April 2010

•• Atmospheric Desire ••

Atmospheric Desire

Tutorial written using Paint Shop Pro 9, I'm sure it can be done in other versions.

To help you along with this tutorial I have added screen shots.

2 Masks - Becky_mask021 & Becky_mask019

You can download them from Secrets Of The Imagination

Thank you Becky!

Optional - Brushes.

Font - Felix Tilting / Passions Conflict.

Tube of choice.

I'm using the beautiful art of Keith Garvey, you must only use his art if you have a license

you can get one Here .


Colour Rave - Atmospherizer 1.1 Here .


Ok on with the tutorial.

Open up all your supplies & minimize for now.

1,Open up a new Blank canvas 700 x 600 [we can resize later] Flood fill white.,

Name this layer background.

Bring up your tube , paste as new layer & add a drop shadow :

Horizontal 0/Vertical 0

Opacity - 35

Blur - 12.00

Colour - Black

2, With your pen tool draw out some arrow lines using these settings:

Foreground - Black/ Fill - Null

So it looks like this:

Make sure your tube is the top layer,

X out tube & background & merge all other layers visible, Rename this layer Arrows. Turn all layers back on.

On your Arrows layer go to Layers/Duplicate & Rename Arrows 2.

Click on the Arrow2 layer /Resize 85% Image/Mirror & place into position:

I stretched the arrows out using the deform tool:

make sure that you click on the Arrow layers separately when using the deform tool :o)

Add Image

X out the tube & background layer & Merge the Arrow layers visible. Rename that layer Arrow.

Add the same drop shadow as in step 1.

3, Make sure you're on the Arrow layer & With your magic wand click inside the center Arrow :

Use these settings:

So it looks like this :

Add ImageAdd Image

Leave selected

Minimize for now & bring up a new blank canvas 500x500 & fill with the colour Black

Layers/Load mask from disk/Find the Mask_019 use these settings:

Merge Visible.

Copy, bring up the other canvas & Paste the mask into the selected area.

Rename this layer Mask1.Make sure you're on the mask1 layer

Now go to Effects/Plugins/ Colour Rave/Atmospherizer1.1

use these settings:

Click ok.

Bring up your tube Image/Mirror & paste as new layer/selections/Invert/DELETE.

On your layer palette Change the opacity to Screen.

Click back on the Mask 1 layer & Stretch it out with the deform tool to fit the sides.

4, Bring up a new 500 x500 Blank canvas & Fill with #C0C0C0

Layers/Load mask from disk/Becky_021 use same settings as in step 3.

Merge Visible.

Then Effects/Plugins/Colour Rave/Atmospherizer1.1 , use same settings as above.

Copy & paste as a new layer above your background layer, place into position.

Rename that layer Mask2.

I lowered the opacity of mask2 layer to 50, it's up to you..

I also added a new layer & some Brushes.

Now for our text

I typed the word Atmospheric DESIRE , You may choose whatever you wish!

Then added my name.

Add your watermark & © info, save as Jpg and were done !

Resize if desired.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as I did writing it !!!

If you have any problems feel free to E-mail me Here .

..Hugs Rachel..

Layout and Tutorial ©Rachel written on May 23rd 2007.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional.
Registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.

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