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Friday, 30 April 2010

•• Hearts That Glimmer ••

Tutorial written using Psp9.

Supplies Needed.

I am using the Gorgeous art of Angie Monasterio,

You may only use her art if you have purchased a license.

You can get one Here.

Mask -By Chelle .Thank you Chelle ♥

Embellishments are from Clarey's Scrap Kit -Rubylicious. Bagz Of Scraps Here .

Thank you Clarey.

Font Used - Will & Grace.


Xenofex 2 - Constellation.

DSB Flux - Bright noise


Open up all your supplies & minimise for now.

Ok on with the tutorial.

Open up a new blank canvas 700 x 600, fill with white.

Now open another blank canvas 500 x 500 & fill with black or a colour of your choice.

In the layers menu go to layers/New mask layer /from Image.

And find Chelle's Mask WSL_Mask2

Source Luminance - Checked, Invert mask data- Unchecked, Ok.

On the layers Palettes delete the mask layer, Click yes to the pop up & merge visible.

Now you can add a Xenofex 2 - Constellation effect choose any you wish or just leave as it is.

Lower the opacity of this mask between 48 or 50.

Copy & paste your Background Trans as a new layer, Brushes, Red background Then copy & paste your Weave background as a new layer, Resize all layers by 95%.

Copy & paste your tube as a new layer & crop off the excess bits of the tube you don't want, you can do this either by using the Eraser tool or your selection tool.

Now add Clarey's embellishments from the kit or any of your choice, resize as needed.

Add your text, I used will & grace in caps. Add the love hearts & a blurry drop shadow.

Correct © info & your watermark.

On to the Animation.

X out all layers except the heart tile layer. Edit copy and paste as a new animation, into animation shop.

In animation shop go to effects/Insert image effect/underwater.

Now you need to play around with the settings to see which you think looks best. Or an alternative is to just add noise to the hearts use Dsb flux, bright noise to get that effect or any noise effect will do!

My animation ended up with 6 frames. Always delete the 1st frame of your animation or it will jump.

Back into psp X out all layers except for The bottom 6 layers, make sure you're on one of the bottom layers ex: white background layer & go to edit copy merged & paste as a new animation in animation shop.

Duplicate your image until you have 6 frames, Edit select all animation/resize 95%.

On your heart tiles again resize by 95% Edit copy, bring up the image from psp & paste into selected frame.

Try and get the hearts into the centre of the black background.

Back into psp X the bottom 6 layers of your image, then un x out the rest of your layers!

The layers you should have open are, Tube, Embellishments, Text & © info.

Edit/ copy merged & paste as a new animation into animation shop.

Resize by 95% duplicate until you have 6 frames. Select all copy & paste into selected frame.

Once you are happy with animation, Save as Gif!

Thank you for trying out my tutorial.

Noise version.

.:Hugs Rachel:.

Layout and Tutorial ©Rachel written on March 3rd 2008.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional.
Registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.

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