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Friday, 30 April 2010

•• So Blue ••

Tutorial written using Psp9

Tube of your choice. I am using the gorgeous art of Martin Abel, only use his art if you have a license.
You can purchase one Here.
Font - Will & Grace Here.
Eye candy 4000 - Corona or Gradient Glow.
Heart Clouds - © Rainbow Coffi. Thanx
Mask by Becky, Thanx.

Ok on with the tutorial.
Minimize supplies for now.

Open up a new canvas 450x450 & fill with a colour from your tube.
Go to layers/new mask layer from image & find Becky Mask_042,Source luminance - checked, Invert mask data - Unchecked.Ok
On your layers palette right click on the mask layer & delete, Click yes to the pop up & merge group.

Add a new raster layer & fill white/Image/canvas size, Change to 700x600.Layres arrange/send to bottom.

Back onto your mask layer & move it over to the left/duplicate /image/mirror & place into position see finished tag for reference.]
Once happy with the position, Turn off your background layer & merge the mask layers visible.
Turn background layer back on.

Bring up the barbed wire, I have included 2, 1 blue & the other grey. Copy & paste as new layer onto your canvas & resize by 85%.Add a slight drop shadow.

Bring up the Heart clouds & choose one to match the colour of your tube. Making sure you are on the makes layer copy & paste as a new layer, move over to the left/duplicate/image/Mirror. Place into position. Turn off all layers & merge the clouds visible. Turn off your background layer & merge visible move the merged layer down to the bottom of the canvas.
Turn background layer back on.

Bring up your tube resize as needed & place so she is sitting on the barbed wire, Add a drop shadow:
V/H -2,Opacity - 50,Blur 7.00,Colour - Black. If you are using the same tube add the other image resize by 65% and place it as if it's sitting on her hand. Add the same drop shadow.

Now add the doodles resize/duplicate/image /mirror & place into position [see finished tag for reference].
Optional: Add the corona effect found in Eye candy 4000 or a gradient glow using a colour from your tube.

Add tour text, I used Will & Grace using Caps.
Add your watermark, correct © info. Crop & re size!
Save as Jpeg or Png.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as I did writing it !!!

..Hugs Rachel..

Layout and Tutorial ©Rachel written on March 10th 2008.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional.
Registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.

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