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Friday, 30 April 2010

•• Misfits Rock ••

Tutorial written in Psp9.

Supplies Needed.

I am using the stunning art of Mr Ismael Rac.

You must purchase a license to use his art from MPT


- Template By Me please Do Not Share .Thank you ♥

Filters: Optional.


Mu Ra's Meister - Copies.

Mask 147 - By Vix .

Thank you Vix ♥.

Brushes Of Choice.

Fonts - Will&Grace - Oh La la - Copper Plate Gothic Bold [Pay Font].

Ok let's get started.

Open up my template, Delete the Info layer. Add a new raster layer, Image/canvas size /750 x 700

Duplicate & get rid of the original.

On the circle layer select with your magic wand/Selections/Modify/Contract 1.


Smoothing Amount :10

Corner Scale:10

Anti-alias & Preserve Corners both Checked.

Add a new raster layer & fill with a colour from your tube, X out all layers except the Circle layer & the new layer you just filled & merge those 2 together.

Rename the merged layer to Circle.

Turn all layers back on.

Choose a pixel font, I used Oh La La at size 8/Anti-alias Off/ Create as Vector/Background colour White.

I wrote "MINX IT UP" Objects align/Centre in canvas/Convert to Raster layer.

Still on the text layer. Go to Effects/Plugging/MuRa's Meister/Copies:


Click on your circle layer with your magic wand/Selections/Modify/Contract 1.

Invert. Back onto to the text layer & click delete/Select none.

X out all layers and merge visible the txt layer and circle layer.

Make all layers visible again.

Click on the Grey shape layer. Selections/Select all/Selections Float /De float/Modify/Expand 1.

Add a new raster layer & fill with a colour from your tube.

Select none.

Now you can add brushes/text. I added penta: Jeans:

Amount :62 Border Width :4

Click on the white strip & do the same as above , Only change the colour.

Add a filter of your choice, I can't remember what I used lol..

Move the stars layer above the the grey shape.

On the grey strip layer use the same settings as above, Keep selected.

Add a new layer & add some nice brushes or text in a different colour/ Selections/Select none.

Delete the Grey strip.

All I did then was to add a white Rectangle to the width of the strip

[See finished tag for reference]& change the Blend Mode to Soft Light.

Then added 2 dotted lines & The Text "MISFITS ROCK"

Add your tube.

Open up a new canvas 550 x550 Fill with a colour of your choice,

Add the mask Vix Mask147 Merge visible.

Copy, Click on your main image canvas on the bottom layer & paste the mask as a new layer.

Place into position.

Add your text, Watermark & correct © info , Resize.

Save as Jpeg or Png!!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as I did writing it !!!

..Hugs Rachel..

Layout and Tutorial ©Rachel written on March 30th 2009.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional.
Registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.

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