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Thursday, 29 April 2010

•• Disturbia ••

Tutorial written is Psp 9
Supplies Needed.
Tube/Image of choice. I am using the fantastic Art of Jamie Kidd.
This Image was part of a Cilm promotion. You can purchase Jamie Kidd Tubes from Cilm
You will also need Animation Shop.
Font of Choice or the one I am using is 28 Day's Later
Ok let's get started!
Open up my supplies in Psp & minimise for now.
Open a new Blank canvas 700 x 550, Fill with white.
Bring up my supplies & copy the Black Rectangle as a new layer on to your blank canvas.
Add a subtle drop shadow.
Then copy & paste the chains as a new layer & place into position {see finished tag for reference}.
Then add the Red Circle, Feel free to colourize to match your Tube/Image. Then add the Black circle.
Still on your black circle layer . Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat.
Add your tube/ image as a new layer. I resized my image by 85%.
Select None.
Click on your background layer & paste the Disturbia mask as a new layer.
Click back on the top layer in your layer palette & add the link as a new layer, Place into position
Duplicate/Image /Mirror. X out all layers & merge the 2 links together.
Grab your preset shapes tool & choose Rectangle/ background Black.
Draw out a rectangle the length of the Links { See finished tag for reference}
Add a drop shadow, Then copy & paste the Disturbia word art on to the rectangle.
Copy & paste the brackets as a new layers & place into position.
Now add your Text & © info.
Open up Animation Shop.
Back into psp click on your Tube/Image layer.
Edit/Copy Merged & paste as new Animation into Animation shop.
Back into psp, Making sure you are on the tube layer, Go over to your layer palette &
change the opacity of the layer to 80. Edit/copy merged, Back into animation shop
paste after current layer.
Repeat this step lowering the opacity by 20 % each time until you cannot see the tube.
You should now have 6 frames in animation shop.
Back into psp make sure you are still on the Tube layer.
Now change the opacity of the layer to 20 Edit/Copy merged & paste after current frame in Animation shop. Continue to do this going up 20 until you get back to 100.
You should now have a total of 11 frames in Animation Shop.
Go to edit select all /Animation/Frame properties & change to 45.
Resize if you want, Save as a Gif.
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as I did writing it !!!
..Hugs Rachel..
Layout and Tutorial ©Rachel written on October 3rd 2008.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional.
Registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.

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