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Friday, 30 April 2010

•• Twinky Hearts ••

Twinky Hearts

Twinky Hearts

Artwork By ©Keith Garvey.

You MUST not use the work of this artist unless you have a license ,

which you can Purchase Here.

All my tutorials are made with Paint shop pro v'9, but im sure it can be done in other versions.

You will need some nice scrap papers

The ones I used were Dinner Party Kit from Here

Mask : Becky_Mask022.

Thank you Becky!

Font Of Choice.

Ok on with the tutorial.

Open a new blank canvas 600x600 fill with white

Copy & paste the large Heart1 Tube & paste as new layer, Click inside with your magic wand/selections modify/contract 5

Copy one of your papers & paste as new layer onto the heart. Selections/Invert/Delete./Select None.

X out background & merge visible.

Bring up the other heart [small heart1] & place into position, repeat as above but use a different paper.

Delete the small heart 1 layer, Add a drop shadow to the paper heart.

Vertical -12

Horizontal 9

Opacity 35

Blur 9.00

Colour -Black

X out background & merge visible.

Choose a nice colour from your tube & open up a new canvas and fill with that colour.

Layers/Mask/Load Save Mask/ Becky_Mask022

Check source luminance.

Check fit to layer.

Check hide all mask.

Uncheck invert transparency.

Merge Group, Copy & paste as a new layer /layers arrange move down.

Make sure you're on the top layer copy & paste your tube as a new layer ,add same drop shadow as above.

Bring up the small heart tubes copy & paste as a new layer [see tag for reference.]

Add a drop shadow.

Vertical -9


Opacity 35

Blur 9.00

Add your text , any © Info & your watermark.

You can now leave as is or carry on and add the twinks.

Open Animation Shop .

Go back to Psp & resize tag if needed copy merged , back to animation shop & paste as new animation.

Minimize tag for now & find your Twinks, when you open them up you will see that they have 8 Frames.

You will have to duplicate your tag 7 x's for a total of 8 frames.

Grab your twinks /edit select all copy & paste onto your tag make sure all tag frames are selected.

Place into position, Once you are happy with your tag & placement of twinks save !

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial !

This Tutorial was created By Rachel on the 18th January 2007.

Any simularities to this tutorials are purely coincedental & unintentional.

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