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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Enchanted By Darkness

Tube of your choice
Font of choice
Brushes of choice
MuRa's Miester- Clouds
VM Extravaganza - Transmission
My Supplies Here
I am using the beautiful art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith,
you need to purchase a license to use her art you can get it CDO
On with the Tutorial.

Open up all the supplies into Psp.
1,Open a blank canvas 700x600, Flood fill white.
Bring up the oval shape  copy, paste as new layer onto the blank canvas.
Still on the oval shape go to selections/select all/float/defloat/selections/modify/contract 10/Invert.
Open up the tree tube, place into position, add the tombstone & tube place all into position.
When you are happy hit delete. Add a subtle drop shadow to the tubes.
2, Make sure you're on the oval shape layer & duplicate. Layers/Arrange/Move down.
Go to Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur Size - 35 or whichever you think looks best.
Go to Effects/Vm Extravaganza/Transmission use the default settings.
3, At this point you can add your Text any brushes, or Embellishments. It's entirely up to you !
Also don't forget to add your watermark & © Info.
You can now either leave as it is or carry with the next step.
 Open up Animation Shop
4, In Psp Go to the Original oval shape layer & select/select all/float/defloat/modify/contract 6.
Go to Effects/MuRa's Meister/Clouds Using these settings:

Selections/Select none. Edit/Copy Merged & Paste as new Animation into Animation Shop.
Repeat the above steps ,But this time click on the Reset Colours  button 1 time, Ok
Edit/Copy Merged/Paste After Current Frame in Animation Shop.
Back into Psp Repeat the above step, just changing the Reset Colours button again.Ok.
You should now have 3 copies of your tag in Animation Shop.
5, Back into Animation Shop, Now edit select all/Animation /Frame Properties. I changed mine to 70,
Click on the View Animation tool & if you're happy save as gif !!
This Tutorial was Written By Rachel 18th October 2007  Exclusively For Tag it.
Any Resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental & unintentional.

India Rose

Tutorial written using Psp9.
I am using the gorgeous art of Keith Garvey, You can purchase a license Here
Scrap Kit Of your choice Or the one I am using.
Which is a freebie called India Rose -You can't get this anymore

Mask of choice
Font of your choice. The one I am using is Century Gothic
Let's get started!

Open up  all your supplies & minimise them for now.
New blank canvas 700x550, Fill white.
Copy & paste the frame as a new layer & resize. Inside the frame click with your magic wand.
Selections/Modify/Expand 5.
Copy & paste a paper of your choice, resize. Selections/Invert delete.
Move the paper layer below the frame layer. Add your tube & erase parts that you don't want.
Now add embellishments.
Add subtle drop shadows to the frame, Tube & Embellishments.
Open a new blank canvas 500x500 , Copy & paste another paper onto the canvas.
Now bring up my mask. Layers /New mask layer from image.
Invert mask data checked. Layers/Merge Group.
Copy & paste your mask onto your canvas beneath  the frame layer.
Add your text & correct © Info .
That's it finished!
This Tutorial was Created by Rachel 1st August 2008.
And is an Exclusive for Sweet Euphoria.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly coincidental.

Old Forum Exclusive • Sensual Beauty •

Tutorial written using Psp9.

Tube of your choice, I am using the beautiful artwork of Steve Baier.

Do not use his art unless you have a license from Up Your Art.

Up Your Art is now closed but you can now purchase  his art
from CDO
Flower Is from Scrappy Expressions. Thank you Melissa.

No longer Exists.

Scrap paper & Doodles/Brushes of your choice.

Fonts of choice - I used  Miss & Lavishly Yours Rob [ Pay Fonts.]


Eye candy 4000

Penta dot & cross

Open up all supplies into psp.

Ok on with the tutorial.

1, Open up a blank canvas 700x500 & Flood fill white.

Grab your preset shapes tool & draw out a nice sized circle .

Linestyle- solid

Width - 5.00

Vector Layer.

Background - null

foreground a colour from your tube.

Ok once happy place into position - Objects/Align/Centre in canvas

 [ see finished tag for reference]

Convert to raster layer.

2, Now click inside your circle with your magic wand, Bring up your scrap paper [Resize if necessary].

Copy & paste as a new layer into your circle. Selections/Invert & hit delete.

Keep selected bring up your tube & copy & paste as a new layer, Place into position & hit delete.

Add a subtle drop shadow.

3,Grab your preset shapes tool & use same settings as above only change the Fore ground to Null & Background a colour from your tube. Make this circle more or less the same size as the other one.

Duplicate/Adjust/Blur /Gaussian Blur -15.00. I lowered the opacity to 50%, The choice is up to you.

Go to Effects/Penta /Colour dot. Use these settings:

Value - 90

Distance -2

Colour R- 255

Colour G -255

Colour B - 255


Layers/arrange/move down , So this layer should be the one above your White background.

4, On your duplicated layer go to Effects/ Eye candy 4000/Weave using these settings:

Ribbon width - 9.30

Gab width - 3.10

Shadow strength -50

Thread detail - 50

Thread length - 3.41

Check - make gaps transparent.

I drew a dotted circle a little bigger than the main circle, using a colour from my tube.

5, Add your flower embellishments & anything else you want to add.

I also added the words Sensual Beauty, in circular text.

Just draw out another circle a little bigger on a vector layer, Do not convert to raster.

Then add your text using these settings :

Create as Floating, then hover the little A over the circle, when you are happy with the text, Promote selection to layer & delete the circle.

Add your name, watermark & the correct © info . Merge visible & save a Jpeg or Png file..

Thank you for trying my tutorial, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

.:Hugs Rachel:.

Layout and Tutorial Rachel written on 4TH November 2007 .

Friday, 5 February 2016

♥ My Sweet Valentine ♥•New•

My Sweet Valentine
This is a quickie.. But you need to have a good working knowledge of the programme
I'm using Psp9, But can be done in other versions!
What you will need.
I am using the beautiful art of Arthur Crowe
 Tube is called :Black Woman you can purchase 
tube from his site Here you must have a license to use Arthur's Art!
Scrap Kit is a mini Freebie:Loving Spirit By Vanessa's Creations 
you can download Here
You will need to register to download the freebie! 
If you type Freebie in the search bar it will come up
with lot's of other beautiful freebies :)
Mask of choice or you can use the same one as I am: Vix_BigMask001
By the lovely Vix Here
Thank you honey ♥
Vix has lot's of fantastic goodies go Download them all hehe!
And don't forget to say Thank you :)
Free Font:Good Karma
Ok let's get started.

1,Open up a new Image 800x800, I like to go big & then resize later.
Floodfill with white.
2,Resize Paper1 by 30%, Copy & paste as new layer on to canvas.
make sure mask is open in psp.
Layers/Newmask layer/From image.
Find the mask. Source Luminance checked then click ok.
Merge group in layer pallette.
3,Open up element freebie 3. resize to your liking, Click in the centre of the frame with your magic wand/ expand by 5
Open up paper2 rezise 30% copy & paste as a new layer below the frame.
Selections /invert/delete. Keep selected.
4, Add your tube/image of choice below the frame but above the paper.
as it should still be selected & on inverted you can just delete/Select none.
Duplicate tube. On duplicated tube/image 
go to Effects/adjust/blur/gaussianblur/5
Then change blend mode to screen or one of your choice.
Add a subtle drop shadow to original tube &  frame v/h=3, O=35,B=8,C=Black.
5, Now add the elements & word art to your liking, 
after all this is your creation :)
6, Add your text & © info.
I Deleted the white background layer & merged visible, 
Save as png or jpeg.
 TaaDaa you have finished :)
Please feel free to share your lovely creations with me so I can share them on my blog!
I hope you enjoyed this quickie Tutorial
Hugs Rachey ♥
Tutorial created By Rachey on 5th February 2016


Friday, 2 May 2014

F.T.U.Summer Beach Babe- Ismael Rac

Summer Beach Babe

This Tutorial was created By Rachel Pearson on the 2nd May 2014
Any similarities to this tutorial is purely coincidental & unintentional.
 Paint Shop Pro9
Artwork By Ismael Rac you can buy Here
Gorgeous FTU Scrap kit - called Popsicle Smiles By DigiTee
Template 176 - By Amy & Leigh Gimptastic Tuts Here 
Free Font - Beachy Type  Here
Open up the template & delete the credit layer & the 3 hearts.
Duplicate & close the original.
Add a new layer,Change the canvas size to 750 by 550,And your tube/Image of choice.
On the bottom layer (7) select with your magic wand, add a new raster layer,
Copy,paste a paper of choice from the kit resize, I used Yellow Pattern.
Delete the original & give your new layer a drop shadow.
Do the same for layers 6,5 & 4.
I used papers Colourful Zigzags,Polkadots & Oceanwaves in that order.
I also added some glitter layers to the circle layers 5 & 4.
Add your Tube/Image, resize if needed. I duplicated my tube,added a Gaussian blur of 3 to the duplicate layer & used blend mode hard light on the original(optional)
Now add any elements, I used:
Palm Tree2,At the beach sign,Sandcastle,Beach ball1,Yellow Bucket1,
Blue shovel1,Sun,Palm Leaf,Pink hibiscus2, Peach hibiscus,Yellow hibiscus1.
I added a white layer to the palm leaves & a bit of noise. 
Add a drop shadow of choice to your tag!
Add any text,License# & Artists © Info

That's it done!!
I hope you enjoyed following the tutorial :)
Any problems please feel free to contact Me
Hugs Rachey ♥

P-T-U- Kisses-Imael Rac

This Tutorial was created By Rachel Pearson on the 1st May 2014
Any similarities to this tutorial is purely coincidental & unintentional.
 Paint Shop Pro9

Artwork By Ismael Rac you can buy Here
Scrap Kit ♥Kisses♥ By Kristin Aagard Designs
From Scrap Orchard Here
 At the time of purchase the kit was only $1
Font of choice, I am using Pirmokas

Optional : Sparkles.
Please bear with me as I haven't written a tutorial maybe since 2009 -WoW-
So here goes :)
Open up a new blank canvas  850 by 750 & your tube/Image of choice.
From the kit I used  Frame 4BSH resize to how you like, Copy & paste on to your canvas.
Now open up bracket 1, resize/duplicate/image/mirror
 & place into position at either side of the frame.
 Next with your magic wand click inside the frame/Modify/expand by 15,
Add a new raster layer & choose a paper from your kit.
I used paper 11.Copy & paste into selection/invert/delete.
Copy & paste as a new layer your tube/image underneath the frame but above the paper & resize to your liking. I duplicated the tube, On the duplicated layer I added a Gaussian blur of 3 & on the original changed the blend mode to hardlight. I also did the same with the larger tube.
Now add your elements I used: Sparkle (optional)
Arrow 1,Flower 3,Flower 7,Heart 2,Heart 3SH,Label Hearts,Label Kisses,
Leaves 4,Pin 3 & Paint.
Resize to your liking & add a drop shadow of choice, I used:2/2/35/4/Black.
Add your text & most importantly your license# & the artists ©
That's it done!!
I hope you enjoyed following the tutorial :)
Any problems please feel free to contact Me

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


This Tutorial was created by Rachel on the 9th of October 2006.
Any resemblance to this tutorial is purely coincidental, And Unintentional.
The Beautiful artwork used is By Barbara Jensen, If you would like to use her work you MUST PURCHASE a license
You will need psp i am using version 9 , I'm sure it can be done in other versions.
Animation shop .
- Plugin - Xenofox 2 - Constellation.
- Mask -Fractual 2 which you can download Here
- Brush - Of your choice - (sorry i can't provide the Brush )
-Tube- Image of your choice.
- Nice Font - I am using - AlphaMack AOE.
OK Let's go....
1, Open up a new Blank canvas - 600x400 i know this is big, we will re size it later.
Floodfill with white.
Copy & paste your -Tube/Image onto your white canvas.
Re size if needed.
grab your preset shapes tool using these settings:
Create on vector
Line style - solid-
Line width - 2.00 -
Foreground - white-
Background - a colour of your choice or the one I'm using - #E4B494.
Draw out a Rectangle not too big ,Layers /convert to raster layer.
[check finished tag for reference]
Click inside the rectangle with your magic wand.
Layers/Load save mask/
Find the fractual 2 mask use these settings:
Create mask from - source luminance checked.
Orientation - Fit to layer checked.
Options - use image value - Invert transparency unchecked.
On layer pallette/ Right click on mask layer & delete, Answer yes to the pop up.
Merge group.
2, Move the mask layer below the Tube/Image layer.
Move your Tube/Image to the left or where you think it looks best.
[see finished tag for reference]
Click on your bottom layer & go to preset shapes using same settings as before,
but change Foreground & background to white.
Draw out a nice sized rectangle .
[See finished tag for reference]
Add a drop shadow .
X out background layer & merge visible.
3, Duplicate your merged layer ,then go to Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur using these settings:
Radius - 5.00 -OK-
Over on your layer palette reduce the opacity of this layer to 60%
X out background layer & merge visible.
Now pick a brush, i used a grid brush,
Choose a nice colour from your Tube/Image i used # E4B494
Add a new layer underneath your merged image
Add your brush evenly at both sides of the image.
I cut off the excess with the selection tool. set at rectangle.
Now go to Effects/Edge effects/Enhance more. I did this 3x's.
Move this layer above the image layer and change the layer to Overlay.
If you want you can leave as it is add your Text any © info and save as jpeg..
Or you can animate.
Open up Animation shop.
4, Make sure you're on the top layer & go to Effects/ Plugins / Xenofox - 2- Constellation using these settings:
Star size - 2.16
Size variation - 6
Edge star density - 1
Overall star density - 1
Overdrive - 100
Twinkle Amount - 55
Twinkle Rotation - 45
Background Fill - Keep original image - checked.
Now go to edit/copy merged & paste into Ani shop as a new animation.
Repeat the above steps 2x's ,Edit/Copy merged & paste After current frame each time changing the Random See.
Now check to see if you're happy with the animation !!
Go back to psp & do your text ,any © info & add your watermark , copy & paste into animation shop Duplicate 3 X's .
Then add to your tag !!!
That's it finished !!
I hope you enjoyed my Tutorial as much as i did writing it.
EnchantedByDarkness ©AllRights Reserved.2006