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Friday, 30 April 2010

•• Simply Gorjuss ••

Simply Gorjuss
Simply Gorjuss


Paint Shop Pro - I'm using Version 9 , But im sure it can be done in other versions.

Toadies - What are you.

You will need 2 Patterns You can find the ones I used Here under Misc, Please follow Suzanne Woolcotts TOU

I am also using the gorgeous artwork of Suzanne Woolcott,

If you would like to use Suzanne's art you must purchase a license Here Or More Art Here.

You will need Tubes/Images from the same artist. You can use as many as you like .

Elements of your choice.

Font of your choice - I'm using CK Fresh. { Pay font }

Ok let's get started.

1, Open up a new blank canvas & Flood fill white.

Grab your preset shapes tool & choose Rectangle / Vector/Line style Solid/

Foreground Null / Background white .

Draw out a nice sized Rectangle

[See finished tag for reference]

Convert to raster layer, Click inside the rectangle with your magic wand [Tolerance 20/Feather 0]

Selections /Modify/Contract 5

Selections/select none.

Flood fill with one of your tiles. Add a drop shadow :

H/V / 0

Blur / 10

Opacity / 20

Colour / Black

2, Grab your preset shapes tool & use same settings as above , But draw out a smaller square /Convert to raster layer

Duplicate/Image /Mirror.

Selections/Modify/Contract /5

Add your Tube/Image/Resize if needed/Selections/Invert/Hit delete.

Repeat in the opposite square.

X Out background & the large rectangle & merge the 2 squares & images. Add the same drop shadow.

Turn background & large layer back on.

3, Grab your preset shapes tool again but change the shape to Ellipse, Draw out a circle not too big

[check finished tag for reference]

Place the circle between the 2 squares & convert to raster layer.

with your magic wand click inside the circle using same settings as above [step 1]

Selections /modify/contract 10, Flood fill with a different tile.

Bring up one of your tubes/images /copy & paste as new layer /resize if needed /selections invert/delete.

Selections/select none. X out all layers except the circle layer & the image/tube/merge visible.

Add the same drop shadow as before. X out background layer & merge visible.

4, Duplicate your main image /Resize 85% , On the original layer go to Effects:

Toadies/what are you :

X- Dose 20

Y - Dose 20

Ok lower the opacity of this layer to 50.

Add any embellishments & your text.

I used different colours from my tiles & placed letters 1 by 1 .

Add © info & your watermark & you're done.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as I did writing it !!!

..Hugs Rachel..

Tutorial created on the 23rd February 2007.

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