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Friday, 30 April 2010

•• Glam Diva ••


Im writing this tutorial using Paint Shop Pro v'9 , I'm sure it can be done in other versions.

To help you with this tutorial I have added a lot of screen shots.

Tube of choice

I am using the beautiful art of Keith Garvey, You must only use the art of Keith Garvey if have got a license you may purchase the license Here

Fonts of choice - I am using Impact & Passions Conflict [Pay font]

Masks -Becky's mask 22 you can get it Here.

Thank you Becky!


Animation Shop

Alien Skin Exposure - Colour Film [demo Here.]

DSB Flux -Bright Noise

Ok on with the tutorial

1, Open up a new blank canvas 600x550 , we can resize later.

Flood fill background white , Copy & paste your tube as a new layer onto the canvas

Resize the tube by 75%

Effects/Plugins Alien skin Exposure/Colour film

use these settings :-





Click ok.

2, Duplicate your Tube then go to - Image/Mirror

X out your white background layer,

Make sure you're on one of the tube layers - Layers/Merge/Merge visible.

Now go to - Layers/Load save Mask from disk & find the Becky_mask022

use these settings :-

Click load & on your layer palette,

Right click with your mouse & Merge Group.

Turn your background back on now.

Then go to Effects/Edge effects/Enhance.

3, Duplicate the image & mirror

Move the images so they look like this :-

X out background layer, Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.

Load the mask again using the same settings as in step 2.

Turn background layer back on.

4, Copy & paste your tube as a new layer on to your canvas

resize the tube 75% , Place into position, Add a drop shadow :-

Vertical/Horizontal 2

Opacity /42

Blur / 16

Colour /Black.

Were going to add the Alien Skin Exposure filter use same settings as in Step1.

At this stage you can either Merge the images & add the mask again or leave as it is,

It's entirely up to you :o). I left mine as is.

Ok onto our text.

5, Choose a nice colour from your tube I used - Fill #FEB8E8

with these settings :-

Type out whatever you want , I wrote:



While your text box is still up with your mouse go over your name,

Go up to your toolbar and change the font to Passions conflict or what ever font you chose..

Your text box should now look like this:-

You can click ok now :o)

Place your text into position [see finished tag for reference]

6,Make sure you're on the txt layer & go to:-

Selections/Select All/Float/Defloat/ Selections/Modify/Expand/2

Add a new raster layer & fill with white or a colour of your choice.

Selections/Select None.

Move this layer below the pink text layer.

Add your watermark & © info.

Open Animation Shop.

I'm sure there is another way of adding noise , but this is the way I do it.

Make sure you're on the white txt layer and go to :


Use these settings:

Intensity /43

Mix Checked


Before we take it over into Animation shop add a drop shadow:-

Vertical/Horizontal 0

Opacity 42

Blur 2.00

Colour Black.

Now go to Edit /Copy Merged & paste into Animation Shop as new animation.

Back into psp edit undo 2x's

Dsb flux bright noise same settings as before but click on mix 2x's

Add the same drop shadow, Edit/copy merged

paste after current frame in animation shop.

Back into psp Edit undo 3x's

Dsb Flux Bright noise same settings, click on mix 3x's add drop shadow.

Edit copy merged, paste after current frame in animation shop.

Resize if needed.

Click on the View animation tool !!

If you think the noise is too fast just change the animation properties!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

..Hugs Rachel..

Layout and Tutorial ©Rachel written on 18th May 2007.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional.
Registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.

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