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Thursday, 29 April 2010


Tutorial written in Psp9.

This Tutorial was written for those

who have a working knowledge of Psp.

Supplies Needed.

Tube of choice, I am using the beautiful art of Elias Chatzoudis.

You must purchase a licence to use his art from MPT .

Glitter Rain - Delicious Scraps - Here .

Thank you ♥

Filters MuRa's Meister Copies & Tone Here .

Font - Will & Grace - Here .

Supplies - Included:

V Clouds with hearts & Pearl Necklace - By Rainbow Coffi.

Thank you♥

And my Cinderella Template.

Ok let's get started.

Open up all the supplies & minimise for now except my template.

Remove the Info layer & duplicate Close down the original.

Now go to Image/Canvas size/700X700.

In the layer palette click on the Frame 1 layer.

click inside with your magic wand.

Selections/Modify/expand -5.

Bring up the V clouds with hearts & choose a colour to match your tube.

Resize Copy & paste as a new layer, Place into position.

[See finished tag for reference]

Selections/Invert/Delete the excess. Keep inverted.

Continue to paste the clouds into the frame & deleting, Until you are happy!

X out all layers except the clouds layers & merge visible.

Turn all layers back on.

Make sure you are on the very bottom layer & bring up the Glitter Rain.

Resize as needed copy & paste as a new layer.

[See finished tag for reference].

Click on the Black circle layer with your magic wand.

Selections/select all/Float/Defloat/Modify/Expand2.

Add a new raster layer & fill with a colour from your tube.

You can now delete the Black circle layer, Do not de select yet.

Add a new raster layer & go to :

Effects/Plugins MuRa's Meister - Tone.

Use these settings:

Resolution (dpi) - 300/Line (lpi) - 50/Density - 10/

Angle - 45/Position X & Y - 0/

FG Colour - White./Thru BG/FG - Checked.

Then click ok. Now you can deselect.

Add a subtle drop shadow to the Circle layer.

Now bring up a new canvas 550 x 550

Bring up your tube & paste as a new layer onto the canvas we just made.

Resize as needed.

Go to Effects/Plugins/MuRa's Meister - Copies:

Find the setting - Wallpaper (Lighten) Click on the box screen and it will change,

When you are happy click ok.

Copy, Back onto the original canvas & click inside the Small Blue Square with your magic wand

Selections/Modify/Expand -1, Invert. Paste the wallpaper as a new layer & hit delete.

Keep selected, Now add your tube, I used the head part, Place into position.

Now erase the parts you don't want.

[ See finished tag for reference]

Un x the Small frame layer & add a subtle drop shadow.

Bring up your tube copy & paste as a new layer, Resize, Place into position.

Open up the Pearl necklace, Resize and paste as a new layer.

Place into position, Duplicate/Image/Mirror.

Un X the Strip, Dotted Line & the spots layers.

Move the necklaces Above these layers.

Add your text. I used Will & Grace, Colour Black & changed the layer mode to overlay.

I also used some sparkle brushes to parts of the tube & necklaces.

Add any other embellishments you wish.

Add the Correct © Info & save as Jpeg or Png!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as I did writing it !!!

..Hugs Rachel..

Layout and Tutorial ©Rachel written on May 5th 2009.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional.
Registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.

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