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Friday, 30 April 2010

•• Fresh & Playful ••

Tutorial written using Psp9.

Supplies Needed.

Tube of choice - I am using the gorgeous art of Keith Garvey.

You must only use his art if you have purchased a licence.

You can purchase one here MPT.

Spotted Tiles made by myself.

Scrap Kit of your choice, Or the one I am using Breath Of Fresh Air -

You can purchase from Nitwits.

Template #20 By Ali - Designs By Ali

Thank you Ali


Font Of your choice - I am using International Palms.

Ok let's get started!

Open up Ali's Template, Delete the DBA layer & Duplicate.

You can now discard the template for another time.

X out all layers except the Back layer. Making sure you are on the Back layer.

Click inside it with your magic wand. Selections/Modify/Smooth both on 10 .

Open up your Dark Blue spotty tile & minimise.

In your Materials Palette find the Dark blue spotty Angle - 0 Scale - 20.

Add a new layer & fill with the Dark blue spotty tile.

Keep Selected.

Now click back on the Back layer . Selections/Modify/Expand 5.

Fill with white or a colour of your choice.

Deselect & delete the Back layer. Add a subtle drop shadow to the white layer.

X out all layers apart from the spotty & the white layer & merge visible.

Click on the Photo layer. Select with your magic wand. Selections /Modify/Expand 3.

New layer. Repeat the above step only change to the Light Blue Spotty Tile.

Keep selected. From your scrap kit choose a paper of your choice or if you

are using the breath of fresh air choose TornBack.

Copy & paste as a new layer & resize (see finished tag for reference)

Selections/Invert Delete. Add a subtle drop shadow.

Leave the Photo frame & add a drop shadow.

Now add your tube & Erase any excess you don't want.

Now add any embellishments to your tag.

Click on your flower layer resize & colourise I used :

Hue - 148

Saturation - 73.

Duplicate /Image/Flip/ Mirror. Add a subtle drop shadow.

Add your text & Correct © Info.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as I did writing it !!!

..Hugs Rachel..

Layout and Tutorial ©Rachel written on August 3rd 2008.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional.
Registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.

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