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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Splashed & Lined

This Tutorial was created By Rachel on the 25th April 2006
Any similarities to any other Tutorial are purely coincidental & Unintentional...
Psp I'm using version 9, but i'm sure it can be done in other versions.
Tube of your choice/Image.
I am using the art of 'Hallan Moulin'
Brushes Of Choice
Font - CryKitty - Here
Ok on with the Tutorial,
1, open new blank canvas 600 x 400 & Floodfill - #C0C0C0 or colour of your choice.
Add a new raster layer & Floodfill with black.
Make sure you're on the black layer & grab your selection tool,Draw out a selection then hit delete.
[See finished tag for reference.]
2,Go to your selection tool & choose Rectangle,
Vector checked.
Line style - Solid.
Width - 4.00
Foreground -#AF0102.
And Background -Null.
Draw out a rectangle the size of the selection you just made & convert to raster layer.
3,Now click on the Black layer, Click inside with your magic wand.Tolerance & Feather 0.
Keep Selected.
4,Add a new Raster Layer & Choose two contrasting colours from your tube.
And your Brushes...
5,Copy & Paste your tube as a new layer,Add to were you think it looks best.
Add a drop Shadow with these settings:
V&H -0
Opacity - 66
Blur - 14.00
Colour Black.
6, Grab your pen tool,using these settings:
Line style - Dots.
Width - 3.00
Create as vector.
Foreground -#AF0102.
Background - Null.
Now draw out some lines,
[See finished tag for reference.]
Convert to raster layer,Layers/arrange/Movedown.
7, Staying with the pen tool,
change the line to Solid & width to 10.
Draw out some more lines.
[See finished tag for reference.]
Convert to raster layer.
8,Makins sure you're still on the lines layer we just did,
Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance More 2x's.
9, Time to add our text.
Choose a nice font or the one i'm using,
using these settings:
Create as vector.
Size - 30
Stroke width - 1.0
Foreground - Black
Background -#AF0102.
Put were you think it looks best.
Layers,Convert to raster layer.
Add your © Info & Watermark.
10, Add a border,
Image/Add borders/
Symetric - checked.
Pixel Size - 2
And another,
change colur to -#AF0102.
Pixel size - 6
And again but change colour back to Black & size to 3.
That's it were finished save as a jpeg !!!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as i did writing it !!!
Thanx Rachel
©AllRightsReserved EnchantedByDarkness.2006

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