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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Beautiful Transmission

This tutorial was created by Rachel on the 15th May 2006.
Any similarities to this tutorial is purely coincidental & unintentional.
Artwork is by the Artist Barbara Jensen,
If you are interested in her using her work you need to purchase a license.
Please visit her site :Here

I am using Paint shop pro v.9, i'm sure it can be done in other versions.
Tube/Image of your choice.
Font- Bank Gothic, or one of your choice.
Filter- DSB/ Flux-Linear Transmission.
Charm -
Ok on with the tutorial.
1,Open new Blank canvas 600x400 we can resize later.
Floodfill with white.
Add a new Raster layer/selections tool/Rounded Rectangle/Feather 0
Draw out a nice sized Rectangle
[see finished tag for reference]
Floodfill with a colour of your choice.
I used #ECF9E5
Selections Modify/Contract/10
Floodfill with white
Repeat but change colour back to the 1st one.
Keep selected & add your tube/image as a new layer.
Selections/invert/delete/selections select none.
X out background layer & merge visible.
Add a drop shadow:
H/V - 0
Opacity - 73
Blur - 12.00
Colour - #C0C0C0
2, Go to preset-shapes & choose Rectangle
Stroke & Fill - #ECF9E5
Vector - checked.
Line - Solid
Width - 1
Draw out a Rectangle not too big.
[Check Finished Tag for reference]
Layers convert to raster layer
Add a drop shadow with these settings:
Vertical - 21
Horizontal - 17
Opacity -20
Blur - 12
Colour - #C0C0C0
Duplicate/Re size/60%
Duplicate/Re size/60%
And again but leave at 60%.
Place into position.
[Check Finished Tag for reference]
X out the big rectangle & background layer & merge visible.
Making sure you're still on the merged layer click inside the squares with your magic wand.
Copy & paste your tube as a new layer over the squares,place into position /selections /invert/delete.
Selections/select none.
X out the background & the main image & merge the small squares & the tube...
Place into position.
[Check Finished Tag for reference]
3,Now choose a darker colour & draw out a square.
Stroke,Fill - #A9ECAC
Move this layer above your white background layer.
Effects/DSB Flux/Linear Transmission.
Play about with the settings,
or use mine:
Slice -6
Offset - 13
Blend - 50
Horizontal - checked.
I also used the deformation tool & made the transmission more square .
Lower the opacity of this layer between 15/20, which ever you think looks best.
4, Now add the charm & the word beautiful ....
I re sized 85%
Add your name

e/text,© info & watermark.
Re size to your liking
Merge visible.
Finished !!
Here is my finished Tag !!!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial,as much as i did writing it...
Thanx Rachel...

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