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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Distorted Love

This Tutorial was created By Rachel on the 25th June 2006.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional.
Images used are By the Talented Artist Anthony Guerra.
Sadly Anthony Guerra does not sell his art anymore.
Supplies Needed.
Paint shop pro i used v.9, but I'm sure it can be done in other versions.
Filter /Toadies/What are you.
Image /Tube of your choice.
Font, I am using Al Sandra
Let's get started.
1, Open up your Image/Tube /Duplicate & save for further use .
Re size as needed .
Go to image /add borders/
Colour - Black.
Size - 2 .
Symetric - checked.
Repeat but change border size to 6 & choose a light colour from your tube/image.
Repeat but change back to black & size at 2.
Layers/ promote to background layer.
Image canvas size 600 x 400 ,new raster layer move down & floodfill with white.
add a drop shadow to your image :
V/H - 0.
Opacity - 40.
Blur - 12.00.
Colour - Black.
2, Layer /Duplicate your image , make sure you're on the duplicated layer.
Effects/Toadies/what are you:
X Dose - 20
Y Dose - 20
Duplicate this layer/Effects/Distortion effects/Wind:
Wind Direction - From left.
Wind Strength - 100
On your second Duplicated layer, Repeat above steps but change Wind Direction to From Right.
X out White background layer & your main image/Tube.
And merge visible, Un X out layers.
3, Duplicate main Image/Tube and re size by 70% 2x's & place into position.
[ Check finished Tag for reference]
X out all layers apart from the main image & the last 2 layers we just did/Merge visible.
Un x out all layers & add a Drop shadow same as in step 1.
4, Add your text i used the Font Al Sandra
Create as vector.
Size 48.
Stroke width 2.0
Foreground - Null
Background - Black.
Place into position & convert to raster layer.
Still on your text layer/Selections/select all/ Float/Defloat/Selections/Expand - 2.00
Add a new raster layer & floodfill with white or a colour of your choice.
selections/select none/layers/move down, Add a drop shadow use same settings as above.
X out all layers except your text layers & merge visible.
Now add your watermark & any © Info & save as Jpeg.
That's it were finished !!!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as i did writing it.

* Rachel *

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  1. Thank you for this 'no scraps' tutorial. I used the wonderful artwork of Jon Rattenbury for my results.