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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Soul Of Beauty

This Tutorial was created By Rachel 21st September 2006

Any resemblance to this tutorial is purely coincidental & unintentional.

i am using the beautiful artwork of Barbara Jensen

if you would like to use the work of Babara Jensen you must purchase a license Here






1, Open new blank canvas 700 X500 Floodfill white

grab your preset shapes tool use these settings:


Create on Vector

Line width - 4

Choose 2 colours from your tube, i used

Foreground - white

Background - # C0C0C0

2, Draw out a nice sized circle , not too big.

[check tag for reference]

Layers /convert to raster layer.

Add a subtle drop shadow.

With your magic wand, click inside the circle

Tolerance/Feather - 0

3, Effects/Eyecandy 4000/Marble use these settings:

Vein size [pixels] - 3.00

Vein coverage - 63

Vein thickness - 61

Vein roughness - 60

Bedrock colour - # E5E5E5

Vein colour - white.

Seamless tile - checked.


4, Keep selected.

Selections/Modify/Contract 5.

Bring up your Tube/Image ,

Copy & paste as a new layer.


Selections/Select None.

5, X out Background layer & Merger visible.

Duplicate your Image & Re size 80% and move over to the right a little

[check finished tag for reference]

Duplicate again & move over to the left.

X out background layer & Merge visible.

Re size image 85%

6, Duplicate your image & on the Duplicated layer got to :

Filters/Effects/Simple/4Way Average

Click OK.

Layers/Arrange/Move down.

Making sure you're still on the duplicated layer go to :

Effects/DSBFlux/Radial Transmission/

Radial size - 20

Rotation - 20

Blend - 50


Lower the opacity between 50-56

7, Open up your Soul of beauty tab & copy & paste as a new layer

Resize By 75% or which ever you think looks best & place into positions.

[see finished tag for reference]

Add the heart chain Re size about 60% or which ever you think looks best,


Bring up your Ribbon Tube & copy & paste as a new layer.

Image re size 60% ,Image/Rotate /Free/18

Duplicate/Image /Mirror.

Place into position.

X out background layer & Merge Visible..

At this point i colourised mine :

Adjust/Hue & Saturation/Colourize:

Hue - 0

Saturation - 0

Re size your image 85%

8, Add your Text, Watermark & © info.

Merge Visible, Finished !!!

I Hope you have enjoyed my tutorial as much as i did writing it.!!
>Updated -29/9/18<

Hugs Rachel

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