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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Faded Angel

Artwork used Martin Abel.

This Tutorial was created By Rachel on the 23rd May 2006.
Any simularities to this tutorial is purely coincidental & unintentional.
The image used is By the Talented artist Martin Abel,
If you are interested in using his work you must purchase a license,
Here : CDO
Paintshop pro v.9, But i'm sure it can be done in other versions.
Tube/Image of your choice.
Font - I'm using AL Sandra
Alien Skin Eye candy 5 - Impact- Gradient Glow.
Eye candy 4000 - Gradient Glow .
Ok let's get on with the Tutorial.
1, Open a new blank canvas 600x400, Floodfill with White.
Preset shapes /Rectangle
Create as Vector,
Line style / Diamond / Width -2-
Foreground - Black -
Background - Null -
Draw out a nice sized Rectangle .
[Check finished tag for reference]
Layers/Convert to raster layer.
Change the line style to solid & change background to white.
Draw out another Rectangle a bit smaller.
[Check finished tag for reference]
With your magic wand click inside the rectangle,Selections/Modify/Contract - 5 -
And floodfill with - #C0C0C0.
Selections,select none.
Go to effects/Texture effects/Blinds.
Using these settings :-
Width - 2
Opacity - 44
Colour - White
Horizontal/Light from Top Left - Both Checked.
2, Preset shapes/Rectangle -same settings as above, but change foreground to - Black ,
& Background - White.
Draw out another Rectangle a bit smaller than the previous one, convert to raster layer.
Add a drop shadow of your choice.
Preset shapes/ Keeping settings as before, But swap the colours round.
Foreground - White -
Background - Black -
Draw out another smaller Rectangle/Square.
Layers/convert to raster layer.
Click inside the Rectangle/Square, we just made.
Selections/Modify/Contract By- 5-
Copy & paste your tube/image as a new layer.
Making sure you're on the selected layer, go to Selections/Invert - DELETE.
Back on to your tube layer & change the Opacity to between - 45/50.
3, Copy & Paste your tube as a new layer .
Re size if required.
Add a drop shadow with these settings : -
Vertical/Horizontal - 0.
Opacity - 50
Blur - 13.00
Colour - Back -
I added a Gradient Glow to the drop shadow.
Effects/Eyecandy 5 - Impact - Gradient Glow :-
Basics -
Both - checked.
Mask selection - checked.
Glow Radious - 5.00
Soften corners - 0.00
Overall opacity - 100
Distortion amount - 0.00
Distortion Lump size - 0.00
Smoothness - 100.
Colour - white.
Eyecandy 4000 - Gradient Glow settings -
Glow width - 3.00
Soft corners - 0.00
Overall opacity - 100
Colour - White.
4, Choose a nice Handwriting font .
Size - 20
Create as vector.
Foreground - Null
Background - Black.
Type your Name/ Text/Saying.
I wrore the word Angel 4 x's & Rested it on the top line..
Layers/Convert to raster layer.
Duplicate your text/Flip /Mirror.
X out all layers except the text layers & merge visible.
Selections/Select all/ Float/defloat/ Modify/Expand 3.00.
Add a new raster layer /Layers arrange/Move down. Floodfill with white,
selection/select none.
Merge visible.
Add the same drop shadow as in step 3.
Turn all layers back on /Merge visible.
Move the text layer Below your tube layer.
Add any � & your watermark.
Re size & you're finished !!!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as i did writing it ...

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