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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Old Forum Exclusive • Sensual Beauty •

Tutorial written using Psp9.

Tube of your choice, I am using the beautiful artwork of Steve Baier.

Do not use his art unless you have a license from Up Your Art.

Up Your Art is now closed but you can now purchase  his art
from CDO
Flower Is from Scrappy Expressions. Thank you Melissa.

No longer Exists.

Scrap paper & Doodles/Brushes of your choice.

Fonts of choice - I used  Miss & Lavishly Yours Rob [ Pay Fonts.]


Eye candy 4000

Penta dot & cross

Open up all supplies into psp.

Ok on with the tutorial.

1, Open up a blank canvas 700x500 & Flood fill white.

Grab your preset shapes tool & draw out a nice sized circle .

Linestyle- solid

Width - 5.00

Vector Layer.

Background - null

foreground a colour from your tube.

Ok once happy place into position - Objects/Align/Centre in canvas

 [ see finished tag for reference]

Convert to raster layer.

2, Now click inside your circle with your magic wand, Bring up your scrap paper [Resize if necessary].

Copy & paste as a new layer into your circle. Selections/Invert & hit delete.

Keep selected bring up your tube & copy & paste as a new layer, Place into position & hit delete.

Add a subtle drop shadow.

3,Grab your preset shapes tool & use same settings as above only change the Fore ground to Null & Background a colour from your tube. Make this circle more or less the same size as the other one.

Duplicate/Adjust/Blur /Gaussian Blur -15.00. I lowered the opacity to 50%, The choice is up to you.

Go to Effects/Penta /Colour dot. Use these settings:

Value - 90

Distance -2

Colour R- 255

Colour G -255

Colour B - 255


Layers/arrange/move down , So this layer should be the one above your White background.

4, On your duplicated layer go to Effects/ Eye candy 4000/Weave using these settings:

Ribbon width - 9.30

Gab width - 3.10

Shadow strength -50

Thread detail - 50

Thread length - 3.41

Check - make gaps transparent.

I drew a dotted circle a little bigger than the main circle, using a colour from my tube.

5, Add your flower embellishments & anything else you want to add.

I also added the words Sensual Beauty, in circular text.

Just draw out another circle a little bigger on a vector layer, Do not convert to raster.

Then add your text using these settings :

Create as Floating, then hover the little A over the circle, when you are happy with the text, Promote selection to layer & delete the circle.

Add your name, watermark & the correct © info . Merge visible & save a Jpeg or Png file..

Thank you for trying my tutorial, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

.:Hugs Rachel:.

Layout and Tutorial Rachel written on 4TH November 2007 .

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