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Friday, 5 February 2016

♥ My Sweet Valentine ♥•New•

My Sweet Valentine
This is a quickie.. But you need to have a good working knowledge of the programme
I'm using Psp9, But can be done in other versions!
What you will need.
I am using the beautiful art of Arthur Crowe
 Tube is called :Black Woman you can purchase 
tube from his site Here you must have a license to use Arthur's Art!
Scrap Kit is a mini Freebie:Loving Spirit By Vanessa's Creations 
you can download Here
You will need to register to download the freebie! 
If you type Freebie in the search bar it will come up
with lot's of other beautiful freebies :)
Mask of choice or you can use the same one as I am: Vix_BigMask001
By the lovely Vix Here
Thank you honey ♥
Vix has lot's of fantastic goodies go Download them all hehe!
And don't forget to say Thank you :)
Free Font:Good Karma
Ok let's get started.

1,Open up a new Image 800x800, I like to go big & then resize later.
Floodfill with white.
2,Resize Paper1 by 30%, Copy & paste as new layer on to canvas.
make sure mask is open in psp.
Layers/Newmask layer/From image.
Find the mask. Source Luminance checked then click ok.
Merge group in layer pallette.
3,Open up element freebie 3. resize to your liking, Click in the centre of the frame with your magic wand/ expand by 5
Open up paper2 rezise 30% copy & paste as a new layer below the frame.
Selections /invert/delete. Keep selected.
4, Add your tube/image of choice below the frame but above the paper.
as it should still be selected & on inverted you can just delete/Select none.
Duplicate tube. On duplicated tube/image 
go to Effects/adjust/blur/gaussianblur/5
Then change blend mode to screen or one of your choice.
Add a subtle drop shadow to original tube &  frame v/h=3, O=35,B=8,C=Black.
5, Now add the elements & word art to your liking, 
after all this is your creation :)
6, Add your text & © info.
I Deleted the white background layer & merged visible, 
Save as png or jpeg.
 TaaDaa you have finished :)
Please feel free to share your lovely creations with me so I can share them on my blog!
I hope you enjoyed this quickie Tutorial
Hugs Rachey ♥
Tutorial created By Rachey on 5th February 2016


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